Peter Cavicchia II,
retired U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive,
is Chairman of the security consulting firm
Strategic Services International LLC. 

New Survey Shows Data from Physical Security as “Mission Critical” for Businesses

A recent report from Genetec reveals that as cybersecurity evolves so, too, does physical security. Successful modern businesses can’t stay safe and secure without both. In its latest “State of Physical Security” report, the company revealed that 69 percent of respondents said physical security — and the related data derived from it — is “mission critical” for a 21st century business. The report shows that more than 46 percent of respondents from larger organizations say they use their physical security systems to “improve overall business efficiency, productivity, and asset optimization,” reports Loss Prevention Magazine. Making physical security investments The surveyContinue reading “New Survey Shows Data from Physical Security as “Mission Critical” for Businesses”

Conducting Threat Assessments Are Crucial for Physical Security

Ensuring that proper physical security protocols are enforced should be a top priority for any business, firm, commercial building, medical facility, or school. To make sure your building’s security is up to par, you’ll have to have a threat assessment performed. It’s an official evaluation and audit performed by a security professional. Recently, Campus Safety Magazine outlined everything you should keep in mind about carrying out an effective threat assessment. You need to have a vetted, credentialed security expert perform a full inspection of the building in question — pinpointing exactly what vulnerabilities exist in the structure’s physical security. TheContinue reading “Conducting Threat Assessments Are Crucial for Physical Security”

From Workplace Violence to Hybrid Office Models — 5 Security Concerns

As the world continues to reopen and return to normal after two full years of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are starting to adjust to a reality where physical security concerns are evolving somewhat from where they were back in 2019. With physical and cyber security so integrated, we are in an era where business leaders have to stay abreast of the latest developments in how to keep themselves, their companies, and their assets safe. In a recent post, Security Magazine’s Ryan Schonfeld outlines five of the key physical security concerns you should have right now for your business. Here’s anContinue reading “From Workplace Violence to Hybrid Office Models — 5 Security Concerns”

A Booming Industry: Global Physical Security Industry to Make $153B by 2023

Something that those in the physical security world know is that it is a thriving industry. In recent years, as unprecedented security threats have emerged worldwide — from growing mass cybersecurity hacks to complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic — keeping firms’ data and assets safe has been a pressing priority. A new report just released by Allied Market Research, has shown that the global physical security industry has hit new heights over the past six years. They found that the industry generated $78 billion in 2016, while that number is expected to grow to $153 billion by 2023,Continue reading “A Booming Industry: Global Physical Security Industry to Make $153B by 2023”

How COVID-19 Affected the Physical Security Workforce

It’s no surprise that the global COVID-19 pandemic upended the normal churn of daily life for almost everyone. On a macro level, this affected every industry, as normal practices for running “business as usual” were turned on their head. This was the case for the physical security sector. Recently, Corey Sipe for Total Security Advisor took a deep dive investigating the ways the global health crisis impacted the physical security industry. He writes that the turnover rate for physical security jobs was already high — in 2019 and at the start of the pandemic in 2020, a survey by ThinkcurityContinue reading “How COVID-19 Affected the Physical Security Workforce”

Businesses Experienced More Physical Security in Past Year, Need to Stay Vigilant

On Feb. 22 the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence released a sobering report — companies have experienced a wave of physical security threats during a time when they embraced hybrid work models during COVID-19. The report suggests that, in general, companies are poorly equipped to pivot to the complications raised by new threats. The data comes from the “2022 State of Protective Intelligence Report — Heightened Threats, Business Continuity and Advancing Protective Intelligence: Perception Versus Reality in Corporate America.” It offers a snapshot of how corporations are approaching this current era where more physical threats emerge and new ways toContinue reading “Businesses Experienced More Physical Security in Past Year, Need to Stay Vigilant”

New Renewable Energy Options Might Pose Cybersecurity Risks

Given that we are in an age where renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels are being embraced, experts are saying new technologies designed to lead us to a more sustainable future might bring with them surprising cybersecurity risks. A report just out of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a UK-based defense and security think tank, spotlights some of the risks tied to the current move away from fossil fuels. A review of the cybersecurity risks of renewable energy practices “Renewables offer huge opportunities for the UK to become more self-sufficient in energy production whilst mitigating effects of climate change.Continue reading “New Renewable Energy Options Might Pose Cybersecurity Risks”

Android Warns That More Than 500,000 People Hit by Malware

As we look ahead to the start of a new year, we are reminded that cybersecurity threats are decidedly not receding into the background. At the end of 2021, it was revealed that more than 500,000 Android device users installed an app that transmitted “Joker malware.” The app was downloaded from the Google Play store, ZDNet reports. Cybersecurity experts at Pradeo first pinpointed this malware and Google says it has removed it from its Android marketplace. If you are an Android user and you missed this news during the holiday season, end-of-year frenzy of family and activities, take note. TheContinue reading “Android Warns That More Than 500,000 People Hit by Malware”