Peter Cavicchia II,
retired U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive,
is Chairman of the security consulting firm
Strategic Services International LLC. 

Experts Say Terror Attacks Will Result in $192.9 Billion Physical Security Industry by 2030

With global fears over increased terrorist threats — both physical and cyber — businesses and institutions of all sizes are faced with a reality that security has to be a central concern. A new report from Allied Analytics offers a window into how these increased threats are driving the physical security market. A robust market is good for the physical security industry, but also signifies companies need to prioritize effective security protocols to protect themselves from these burgeoning terror threats.

A New Era of Threats Emphasize the Importance of Modern Pro Sports Security

At the recent 2023 RSA Conference in San Francisco, security topics of all kinds came up in discussion. From personal identity online to looming cyber threats facing the government and institutions, from artificial intelligence (AI) to threats facing the music industry, the conference painted a broad picture of where we are today in addressing security threats that impact all private and public sectors.

Mobile is a Modern Key to Physical Security

As physical and cyber security become ever more intertwined, it’s crucial that security officials who oversee the protection and wellbeing of a firm or company’s assets and staff make use of every tool available. That includes something essential to one’s daily life — mobile phones.

Why It’s Important to Address Human Error When It Comes to Physical Security Threats

In an ever more complicated world, data — whether it be personal or related to business — is key to security. Fortifying the data centers where a firm’s information is stored is a crucial facet of modern physical and cyber security. A recent article in DataCenter Knowledge offers an important industry perspective on some of the risks that data centers face: oftentimes human error can leave significant physical security vulnerabilities. “For an enterprise to build its own dedicated data center requires a lot of resources, space, and money. As a result, many businesses are hosting applications and storing data in…

Military Veteran and Security Expert Outlines How to Fend off Threats Facing Businesses

We live in a time of environmental disasters, violent political protests, and massive cyber hacks. That means security is front and center in the minds of business leaders in the United States and around the globe. In a recent post for IFSEC Global, Will Plummer uses his unique expertise as a military veteran and security expert to distill the unique threats facing businesses today and what effective security solutions can keep a company’s staff and assets safe. The piece offers a vivid description of the many vulnerabilities that exist today for a corporate business and why it’s crucial above all…