Peter Cavicchia II,
retired U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive,
is Chairman of the security consulting firm
Strategic Services International LLC. 

This is How Restaurants and Bars Can Implement Smarter Physical Security

During a current volatile market, where small businesses find themselves more vulnerable than ever, security systems that are mindful of the complicated demands of our current era can make the difference. Whether it be a chain restaurant or an independently owned neighborhood bar, having physical security that is robust and multi-faceted could play a positive role on that business’s bottom line. Restaurant Technology News highlights ways restaurant chains can streamline their current security system management programs, which also offers a rubric small mom-and-pop businesses can follow. The article correctly pinpoints that, historically, physical security for a restaurant meant video surveillanceContinue reading “This is How Restaurants and Bars Can Implement Smarter Physical Security”

How Physical Security System Data Can Shape Hybrid Offices

Research that came out in 2021 from Cushman & Wakefield estimated that most workers around the world would return to their offices during the first quarter of 2022. Flash forward and that picture is a bit more complicated. While offices have reopened since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way work is structured has changed. For instance, nearly half of all employees plan on working remotely, at least partially, according to Gartner. With this new normal, physical security — and the data derived from it — is playing a big role in envisioning how the modern workplace and itsContinue reading “How Physical Security System Data Can Shape Hybrid Offices”

Security Partnerships Are the Key to Fighting Cyber Threats

Oftentimes, collaboration is the best answer to responding to threats facing you, your company, your physical security, and data. That’s what Martyn Ryder, VP of Sales & Marketing at Morphean, explains in a recent piece  for IFSEC Global. He writes that during an era where security systems revolve around Internet networks, ever-complex systems, and cloud-based data, trusted partnerships between different security sectors — both cyber and physical security experts — are necessary to keep your business protected. In his article, Ryder states that, traditionally, the cyber and physical security worlds have been kept separate. Physical security experts have often beenContinue reading “Security Partnerships Are the Key to Fighting Cyber Threats”

This Breach Reveals a Big Physical Security Flaw

In an era when cyber and physical security concerns are interlocked, it’s important that firms be open-minded to the wide range of ever evolving threats they face. These threats put sensitive data at risk as well as the safety and wellbeing of staff and clients. In an article for Data Center Knowledge, Maria Korolov details how a penetration testing firm breached the physical security safeguards of a data center in less than a week. Interestingly, the firm posed as a pest control company. This specific case details the realities of how easy it is to get past the best securityContinue reading “This Breach Reveals a Big Physical Security Flaw”

Companies Should Consider Third-Party Physical Security Risks

Often, discussions around third-party risks swirl around cybersecurity. However, physical security is very much a pressing concern risk management professionals and security leaders should consider when it comes to their relationships with vendors and partners. Recently, Prevalent, Inc., released the 2022 Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) Industry Study that examines current realities affecting third-party risk management professionals. The study reveals that 45 percent of those surveyed have “experienced a third-party security incident” in the past year, while 69 percent of study participants revealed data breaches are the “top third-party risk concern.” Additionally, 40 percent of respondents reported they are nowContinue reading “Companies Should Consider Third-Party Physical Security Risks”

New Survey Shows Data from Physical Security as “Mission Critical” for Businesses

A recent report from Genetec reveals that as cybersecurity evolves so, too, does physical security. Successful modern businesses can’t stay safe and secure without both. In its latest “State of Physical Security” report, the company revealed that 69 percent of respondents said physical security — and the related data derived from it — is “mission critical” for a 21st century business. The report shows that more than 46 percent of respondents from larger organizations say they use their physical security systems to “improve overall business efficiency, productivity, and asset optimization,” reports Loss Prevention Magazine. Making physical security investments The surveyContinue reading “New Survey Shows Data from Physical Security as “Mission Critical” for Businesses”

Conducting Threat Assessments Are Crucial for Physical Security

Ensuring that proper physical security protocols are enforced should be a top priority for any business, firm, commercial building, medical facility, or school. To make sure your building’s security is up to par, you’ll have to have a threat assessment performed. It’s an official evaluation and audit performed by a security professional. Recently, Campus Safety Magazine outlined everything you should keep in mind about carrying out an effective threat assessment. You need to have a vetted, credentialed security expert perform a full inspection of the building in question — pinpointing exactly what vulnerabilities exist in the structure’s physical security. TheContinue reading “Conducting Threat Assessments Are Crucial for Physical Security”

From Workplace Violence to Hybrid Office Models — 5 Security Concerns

As the world continues to reopen and return to normal after two full years of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are starting to adjust to a reality where physical security concerns are evolving somewhat from where they were back in 2019. With physical and cyber security so integrated, we are in an era where business leaders have to stay abreast of the latest developments in how to keep themselves, their companies, and their assets safe. In a recent post, Security Magazine’s Ryan Schonfeld outlines five of the key physical security concerns you should have right now for your business. Here’s anContinue reading “From Workplace Violence to Hybrid Office Models — 5 Security Concerns”