Peter Cavicchia II,
retired U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive,
is Chairman of the security consulting firm
Strategic Services International LLC. 

Tips for Staying Safe at Work from the Santa Rosa Police

Be alert for pickpockets on crowded elevators. Be aware of escape routes for emergencies and post the police and fire department numbers near telephones. Don’t leave cash or valuables at the office. If you are in an elevator with another person, stand near the control panel. if attacked, press the alarm and as many of the control buttons as possible. If you work alone or before/after normal business hours, keep the office door locked. If you work late, try to find another worker or a security guard to walk out with you. Never leave your purse or billfold in plainContinue reading “Tips for Staying Safe at Work from the Santa Rosa Police”

How to be Prepared, Not Scared

Bill Stanton is a security expert, private investigator and executive bodyguard and former safety and security contributor to NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America. He is the author of Prepared Not Scared: Your Go-To Guide for Staying Safe in an Unsafe World. These are some of his tips: Think like a burglar. To know how a burglar might approach your house, get inside their head. Walk around the outside of your home once or twice with the mind of home invader. Think: “If I’m a burglar, which windows look easy to break or climb through?” Then look throughContinue reading “How to be Prepared, Not Scared”

8 Tips for Safeguarding Your Residence

According to the police of Tigard, Oregon, burglars tend to target homes where the resident does not appear to be home and their activities cannot be seen by neighbors. They generally do not want a confrontation or to risk being identified. Many burglaries happen during the day when residents are at work or school. These are their tips for safeguarding your residence: Make it appear as though someone is home when you’re at work or on vacation. Improve visibility to your home so neighbors and passerbys can observe activities on your property. That way they can more easily spot suspiciousContinue reading “8 Tips for Safeguarding Your Residence”

Robbers Are Equal Opportunity Criminals: The National Crime Prevention Council

As a new series of posts, I am republishing key messages from some of the world’s leading organizations in personal safety and crime prevention. The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is the nation’s leader in crime prevention. So, it is a fitting one to start with. As a private, nonprofit organization, NCPC helps millions of Americans keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime. The organization publishes excellent resources for people in all walks of life…as well as their communities. One noteworthy brochure created by the NCPC is Robbers Are Equal Opportunity Criminals. These tips from it are especiallyContinue reading “Robbers Are Equal Opportunity Criminals: The National Crime Prevention Council”

Halloween Safety Tips for Children and Their Parents from the L.A.P.D.

The Los Angeles Police Department has extensive crime prevention tips on its website and compiled the following Halloween safety tips for children and their parents. Wherever you live, these guidelines can help you have a safer, more enjoyable experience. Children should trick-or-treat during daylight hours. Children should never be allowed to go out alone on Halloween. Children should never eat any treats until they have been examined. All fruit should be cut and closely examined before eating. Advise children that they should never enter strangers’ homes. Never invite children into your home. Children should never accept rides from strangers. ChildrenContinue reading “Halloween Safety Tips for Children and Their Parents from the L.A.P.D.”

Elder Fraud a Growing Problem, According to the FBI

Elder fraud is likely to be a growing problem, according to the FBI.  The elderly population is growing and seniors rack up more than $3 billion in losses annually due to fraud. “Seniors are often targeted because they tend to be trusting and polite. They also usually have financial savings, own a home, and have good credit—all of which make them attractive to scammers,” states this FBI report. “Additionally, seniors may be less inclined to report fraud because they don’t know how, or they may be too ashamed at having been scammed. They might also be concerned that their relativesContinue reading “Elder Fraud a Growing Problem, According to the FBI”

Intense ‘Solar Storms’ Could Bring About the ‘Internet Apocalypse’

Solar flares — eruptions from the sun that send ripples off toward the magnetic field of the Earth — conjure images of disaster and science fiction films. Coronal mass ejections are tied to solar flares, large solar eruptions that are said to fuel most weather events in outer space. Think of them as huge gaseous bubbles that are infused with up to a billion tons of charged particles, hurtling forth at several million miles per hour, according to Inverse. While we have experienced solar flares and the disruptions they can cause, the cataclysm shown in summertime blockbusters have yet toContinue reading “Intense ‘Solar Storms’ Could Bring About the ‘Internet Apocalypse’”

The Government Warns Against ‘Lonely Heart’ Scams

You might receive regular emails, texts, or social media interactions claiming to be from a dating app or service. As with any interaction online, you have to be vigilant in case it’s a scam. The FBI is currently sending out a warning to the public that scams posing as potential online romantic connections are asking people to send over money to trade or invest in cryptocurrency, CNET reports. The tech news website details that in the first seven months of 2021, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 1,800 complaints from people in the U.S. tied to theseContinue reading “The Government Warns Against ‘Lonely Heart’ Scams”