Why Climate Change is a Security Issue

Geoff Dabelko, Professor and Associate Dean at the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University and Senior Advisor to the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program, recently spoke about the impact of climate change on security.

According to New Security Beat, the blog of the Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program, he said: “Climate change fundamentally impacts the political economic stability of a country.”

“In the case of the Syrian Civil War, many experts point out how severe drought adversely affected opponents of the regime, potentially contributing to the protests that preceded the conflict. The situation is complex and climate change is not the sole factor involved—such issues do not have simple answers and explanations, said Dabelko. But if we ignore these dynamics, he said, we overlook how displacement and mobility are impacting people.”

In some countries, New Security Beat reports, “the military and intelligence community are integrating climate assessments into their strategies and operations. In the European Union, the military has begun to see the importance of efficient battery technology, including protection against grid failures, and reducing vulnerabilities,” according to Dabelko.

Read the full article here.

Published by Peter Cavicchia

Peter Cavicchia is a retired U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive, now Chairman of the security consulting firm Strategic Services International LLC. https://petecavicchia.com/

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