Cybersecurity is a Physical Security Priority

It is an era where threats to a firm’s security are increasingly sophisticated. Bad actors rely on a wide array of tools to threaten a company’s data and physical assets. Unfortunately, many businesses are still structured in a way where chief security officers, or CSOs, tackle threats through separate cyber and physical security channels. InContinue reading Cybersecurity is a Physical Security Priority

Companies Should Consider Third-Party Physical Security Risks

Often, discussions around third-party risks swirl around cybersecurity. However, physical security is very much a pressing concern risk management professionals and security leaders should consider when it comes to their relationships with vendors and partners. Recently, Prevalent, Inc., released the 2022 Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) Industry Study that examines current realities affecting third-party riskContinue reading “Companies Should Consider Third-Party Physical Security Risks”

From Workplace Violence to Hybrid Office Models — 5 Security Concerns

As the world continues to reopen and return to normal after two full years of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are starting to adjust to a reality where physical security concerns are evolving somewhat from where they were back in 2019. With physical and cyber security so integrated, we are in an era where business leadersContinue reading “From Workplace Violence to Hybrid Office Models — 5 Security Concerns”