Robbers Are Equal Opportunity Criminals: The National Crime Prevention Council

As a new series of posts, I am republishing key messages from some of the world’s leading organizations in personal safety and crime prevention.

The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is the nation’s leader in crime prevention. So, it is a fitting one to start with. As a private, nonprofit organization, NCPC helps millions of Americans keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime.

The organization publishes excellent resources for people in all walks of life…as well as their communities. One noteworthy brochure created by the NCPC is Robbers Are Equal Opportunity Criminals. These tips from it are especially important:

Automobile Safety

  • Always park in well-lighted areas.
  • Always be alert to people just sitting in their cars.
  • If you are alone at a shopping mall, ask a security guard to escort you to your car.
  • After checking around your car, enter it quickly and lock all the doors. Teach your children to enter and exit the car quickly.
  • If your car is bumped in traffic, don’t get out of the car. Use your cell phone to call 911. Many times carjackers use this technique so that they can overpower you and steal your car.
  • The last thing you should do is argue or fight with a carjacker. You could be seriously injured or killed. It isn’t worth it.
  • Never agree to be kidnapped. Either drop the keys or throw them away from the car as far as you can. When the carjacker goes for the keys, get out of there as fast as you can.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Tips

  • Try to use machines you are familiar with and try to use terminals located inside banks rather than independent terminals.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Look around before conducting a transaction. If you see anyone or anything suspicious, cancel your transaction and go to another ATM.
  • If you must use an ATM after hours, make sure it’s well-lighted.
  • Never walk away from an ATM with cash still in hand. If you are going to count your money, do so at a secure spot.

Published by Peter Cavicchia

Peter Cavicchia is a retired U.S. Secret Service Senior Executive, now Chairman of the security consulting firm Strategic Services International LLC.

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