Why Cybersecurity is Important for Your Brand’s Image

We all know how crucial it is for you and your business that you stay abreast of proper cybersecurity protocols. It is necessary for your safety as well as that of your employees and clients. Beyond that, have you thought of cybersecurity as a central issue of branding? If your company has been the victimContinue reading “Why Cybersecurity is Important for Your Brand’s Image”

Why Cybersecurity Should be a Top Back-to-School Concern This Fall

The school year got off to a rocky start in Hartford, Connecticut this month. On top of all of the complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the beginning of the academic year was delayed because a ransomware attack hit the city, according to the Hartford Courant.

The system that provides real-time information on school bus routes was targeted, affecting the 4,000 students in the district who rely on buses to get to school.

The Courant reports that this unfortunately isn’t a rare phenomenon. Ransomware attacks in 2019 hit at least 89 school systems in the United States. This had wide ranging impacts — from surveillance systems going down to student grades being lost.

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